Module 7 – Web-based Learning

Module 7 – Web-based Learning

What resources would you use in the classroom?

These are just a few of the resources I find useful. If you haven’t done so already, check out the classroom technology wiki page, there are plenty of resources sorted by KLA to browse through.


TedEd – (My Favourite site), you can plan lessons using their resources, incorporate quizzes,  they have ready-made lesson plans, videos, teacher resources. A lot to offer here!

Thinglink – Another fun interactive web source (also available in app form), create pages and tag pictures and information to create a full resource.

YouTube – (also consider YouTubeEdu)the content available on this site is amazing, I use YouTube to show videos relevant to topics to aid visual learners and break up the lesson delivery. YouTube is also used as a way for students to present their assignments and presentations.

Healthy Kids – this government site provides teaching resources with curriculum links focusing on health education for kids.

Bullying No Way – an excellent site for resources about digital citizenship, bullying & cyberbullying. The site provides resources for teachers and interactive videos, games and content for students to explore.

Scootle –  a valuable national database of digital teaching resources which caters for the Australian Curriculum. This resource is easy to navigate and beneficial in creating a foundation for lesson plans.

TES – provides teachers with a library of teaching resources, but it also provides education news, blogs, apps, podcasts and an education magazine.



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