Module 8 – Ethical Issues

Module 8 – Ethical Issues

How to manage the threat of computer viruses and hacking

Robyler & Doering (2014) discuss numerous legal and ethical issues that impact the way in which technology is implemented not just in the classroom, but throughout the school. While there are many positives to integrating technology, there are also considerable negatives that play a role also. For many schools not knowing or considering the possible side effects of having technology use in classroom, is a major mistake. Computer viruses and hacking can bring school networks down and having minimal protection leaves school extremely vulnerable. According to Lipman (2015) there are five actions schools can take to move toward an optimal security posture. These include:

  • Establish a BYOD policy and supporting technology
  • Upgrade the web filter
  • Protect school-owned devices while off the network
  • Implement anti-malware protection
  • Integrate and move your security to the cloud

In addition to security awareness training for teachers, administrators, and students, these steps will support good cyber citizenship, keep inappropriate content out of the learning environment, and make schools less alluring targets for hackers.

As recommended by Lipman (2015), schools should integrate to the cloud (online storage), this recommendation becomes relevant when considering work collaboration between students, as removable storage devices provide a way other than the Internet for the spread of computer viruses (Yang & Yang, 2012). By ensuring students used online/cloud-based programs and storage, the risk of corruption and viruses are minimised.


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