Module 10 – Classroom Technology and Collaboration

Module 10 – Classroom Technology and Collaboration

How can you ensure successful collaboration in the classroom?


Collaborative learning relates to ‘social constructivism’ or the sharing and exchanging of ideas that allows students to learn from and build on one another’s knowledge (Laurillard, 2009).

To enable students to participate in successful collaboration requires a few things: planning, resources and clear instruction/details. One of the keys to collaboration is ensuring that the tasks aren’t too teacher orientated (Lauillard, 2009), by keeping students focused on their collaboration goal and motivated to achieve that goal. When starting off it is often a good idea to have student involvement in creating goals as this creates ownership of the tasks (Beauchamp & Kennewell, 2010). In determining the main project or task – usually referred to as a triggering event (Sing, Wei-Ying, Hyo-Jeong and Horn Mun, 2011), The teacher, is responsible for considering the role teachnology will play in the project, e.g.  “object of; participant in; or tool for interaction (Beauchamp & Kennewell, 2010, p.760).” The next tough decision is choosing the right tool for the job, with so many resources available, teachers should use the TIP model to aide in selection. I think web 2.0 and cloud based resources are easy to use and inexpensive tools that generally fit easily into most schools technology safety plans.



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