Creating with ICT

Includes resources that help teachers and students:

  • generate ideas, plans and processes
  • generate solutions to challenges and learning area tasks

Generate ideas, plans and processes –


Name: Explain Everything

Website URL:

Description: provides teachers and students with an IWB and collaboration tool that can be used for just about everything.

Full list of features for app/platform here – Feature Roadmap

Platform: Primarily IOS, others have limited options (full options coming soon – see roadmap)

Cost/Licensing: Apps= Classic – $12.99, Special Version- $24.99$
IWB Subscription= 1 user – $7.99/month, $79.99/year; Annual EDU Group 5 – $19.99/user; Group – $12.99/month/user, $124.99/year.

Age/Stage: Stages 3-6

Explanation: Explain Everything is included in capability 4 “Creating with ICT” as it combines an IWB, real-time collaboration, content discovery, design, animation, screen recording, digital storytelling/storyboarding and sharing community.

Critical Analysis: According to Winzenried, Dalgarno & Tinkler (2010), there are three key potential benefits of Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs): increases in student engagement, more effective visual representation, and learning through greater classroom interactivity. Thankfully Explain Everything covers these benefits and more. The bonus of Explain Everything is that when used in a 1:1 setting or similar, all students are able to participate and screen recording or split screen functionality enables the rest of the class to view what others have created and achieved. The 1:1 functionality is important for student interaction as Chuang, Shen and Wang (2008, cited in Winzenried, Dalgarno & Tinkler, 2010) argue that the learning benefits of IWBs are very dependent on students interacting directly with the board themselves rather than observing the teacher.

Generate solutions to challenges and learning area tasks –


Name: PowToon

Website URL:

Description:  PowToon allows students & teachers to create animated presentations and videos that can be shared online. 

Platform: All

Cost/Licensing: Basic – Free, Pro – $89.00/month; Educational plan= Student = $4.99/month, Classroom basic (60)- $8.00/month, Elite – $12.00/month. *All US pricing*

Age/Stage: Upper primary to Seniors, Stages 3-6

Explanation: The PowToon resource is included in capability 4 “Creating with ICT” as it allows teachers and students to display their stories and scenarios through animated presentations.

Critical Analysis: PowToon is a fun and expressive resource to use. Teachers and students can create video clips to compliment assignments of class content. Students are able to demonstrate their understanding of topics by designing their own clips and sharing with their class in a wiki or blog. Tyler, Anderson, and Tyler (2009) complement this use by arguing that video clips can be even more effective when students are not just passive viewers of instructor-chosen clips but in fact, the students pick their own clips to illustrate class-related concepts. By creating these multimodal texts students are demonstrating their meaning-making ability  (Anstey & Bull, 2010).


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